Deep analysis?

If you needed analytical nerds to discover all the players’ insights - that’s us. We love to do it.

Analyse my game!

Target audience only

We screen participants out meticulously. At least with 4 parameters - gender, age, game device and game genres. Let's add more.

Show me!

Full videorecording

See what your players actually doing. We will demonstrate device screen, player’s face, and player’s hands.

Show me!

UX testing and marketing research

Focused group interview, in-depth interview, observation, experiments, expert interview - we suggest all the necessary instruments.

Submit a game

Save 40% of the budget

Just including playtests in each 2-4 weeks. Use our service and always know do’s and dont’s for exactly your game.

I have 2 ideas and 1 budget

Control the development

Compare reports results and decide - is your game worth last month investments. We will recommend how to improve in any case.

Take control of development

Organic installs as a bonus

All participants are real people and target audience, 30-70% of them wish to continue playing your game after the game testing. 

I want organic installs!

Playtest others’ games

If you never thought about that or always dreamed - we will do it any way. Just point us to the game in store.

I want to be the best


From $500 for 20 real players gameplay videos. Highly competitive for any user testing. Agree?

Pay fair

Increase Net Promoter Score

We want your game to be great! Make users want to tell, SHOUT about your game to all friends. Just because it’s cool.

I need virality

Real players. Always.

Just players, invited only once in 6 months. NO developers, marketers, game specialists, panelists etc.

I need real players!

Shorten development time

Develop only things your users would love. Make them obvious from the very beginning. Release your game before competitior

Take me to finish 1st!

Meet the Team

People with years of experience and hundreds of performed projects in game testing

Request form

Let us know about the game you work on and decisions you would like to take.

Everything else will be done by us.

We will contact you back ASAP.




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